_our manifesto


We have entered an era of consequences“. Human and economic activities have changed and changed our global environment on a large scale, at an unprecedented pace and amplitude.

Climate change is no longer a hypothesis and its impacts are measured and observed with increasing acuity.

Cyclones, storms, fires, heat waves and heat waves, impacts on agriculture: if the scientific studies of the IPCC at the OECD through the World Economic Forum come to enrich the bibliography always more dense on this subject, the news is unfortunately not stingy with illustrations of the effects of climate change.

Our present is now that of the consequences of our laissez-faire.

We must enter an era of action“. On September 10, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations urged to break the paralysis by calling for the mobilization of civil society. At the heart of this civil society, we want to set in motion a major player: the company.

We consider that private and public companies, because of their impacts, their means of action, their capacity to influence, their central place in the economic and social system, have an immense responsibility in the current situation and must play a major role in building a more sustainable world.

It is no longer a question of limiting one’s impact or of carrying out actions with stakes of communication and image, but to federate energies and ambitions of these actors to invent new solutions to the ecological crisis and to engage in a sustainable path for our society.

We believe that companies must mobilize their innovation capacity and their intelligence towards projects and proposals with a high positive impact on the climate. We consider that investments should only cover projects and companies that are compatible with a trajectory that can contain global warming below 1.5°C. We call on companies to offer their customers only products and services compatible with this trajectory and until then, to guide and educate the habits of consumers and customers. We want companies to network their initiatives and engage with public authorities in favor of incentive regulations beyond their own commitments to a climate and energy transition.

We are convinced that companies must be the first leaders and protagonists of this fight against the ecological crisis and that this movement must come from the companies themselves and the employees who constitute them.

We call all private and public executives, aware that the current trajectory of our society and our economy is not the right one, to join us!

Bringing together executives and leaders from private and public companies, this movement is a civic initiative that aims to unite commitments and convictions, to reflect on the role of companies, to be a force of proposal to private actors and political decision-makers , to embody the ambition of all those who refuse to remain passive in front of the ecological emergency, to put the company at the heart of this great and difficult challenge of our time: to build a sustainable society and economy!